Sanctuary Renovation... watch our progress

July 11: These workers are framing out the ceiling over the old skylights in the sanctuary.  A new sprinkler system is also being installed in the sanctuary.  Work continues on the first floor door openings and the new balcony risers.  Electrical conduit is also being added.

June 28: New risers in the balcony were built this week as well as continued work on the new sanctuary entrance.  Plumbing demolition and construction also occurred.

June 20: This week the main HVAC ducts were added, steel was added for the balcony risers and channel bracing for the trusses, and they began laying conduit for lights.  It’s coming along.

June 15: All of the stained glass has been removed from the sanctuary.  The area for the new door openings on the 1st and 2nd floors are completely open.  Framing for the new sound booth in the balcony has begun and electrical work continues.

June 1: The brick is being removed below the lintels that were installed last week for the new 1st & 2nd-floor door openings.  They also had to cut the brick around the stained glass windows to allow better access for removal.  The HVAC duct removal is complete.

May 25: This week lintels were installed on the second floor for the NEW balcony entrances.  Next week steel will be added inside the sanctuary to support the now open ceiling. And, demolition continues.

May 17: Please pardon the dust.  Demolition is still occurring in the Sanctuary and Narthex… plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. The old cry rooms and restrooms are now gone.  They began tearing down the ceiling outside of the Parlor as well.

May 11: This week the ceiling in the sanctuary was removed as electrical demolition continued. The credenza and wood paneling in the Narthex was also removed. Notice the exposed brick from the original building! By the way, if you are interested in purchasing the chandeliers or sconces from the sanctuary, please contact Andrea Dyer.

May 4: The stained glass windows were removed from the North side of the sanctuary this week. They will be repaired and reinstalled at a later date. Demolition continued and scaffolding construction was completed.

April 27: Scaffolding now fills the sanctuary to the ceiling. Demo continued and temporary walls are being built near the coffee bar and outside the balcony entrance for safety.

April 20: Demolition has begun! Stage – gone. Cry rooms – gone. Carpet is being removed for scaffolding to be installed. Light fixtures are coming down.

February 16: Our renovation project is underway.  The pews have been removed and shipped off to be refinished.