Remember in “It’s a Wonderful Life” how George Bailey is given a look at the world as it would have been had he never existed? What if our Lord Jesus Christ had never come to earth and carried out his ministry among us? From hospitals to great art, law codes to calendars, redeemed lives to changed societies, this man is the pivotal figure in the history of the world, and his influence is incalculable.

Our guest speaker this Sunday, Collin Packer of Littleton, CO, will consider this theme in his message entitled “Planet Earth Without Jesus.” Collin has a great family heritage at Preston Road, his great-grandfather Robert Bell having served as an elder here for many years. He grew up in Dallas and currently serves as Lead Minister at the Littleton Church of Christ near Denver, CO. Come join us Sunday for an uplifting time of worship!

Planet Earth Without Jesus 7-21-13