In the Bonton Neighborhood the nearest grocery store is a 3 hour roundtrip bus ride. Most “meals” consist of chips and coke from the corner store. Many of the residents of Bonton have served time in prison and are unemployed. The Bonton Farm is working to introduce health and hope for a neighborhood sorely lacking both by preaching the Gospel, providing employment and a place to work, and educating their community on the delicious foods God made.

How do we help:
During the summer months, urban missionaries will work with 15-20 kids and adults daily on the farm. They have asked Preston Road to deliver sack lunches once a week and then join them for lunch and as they carry out their chores on the farm.

When: Once a week, starting June 13th – August 22nd around 11:00 AM

Where: The Bonton Neighborhood is about 4 miles outside of downtown

Good to Know:
– It’ll be hot but there’s shade!  “Hard” work is optional, smiles are appreciated!
– There will be lots of God’s creatures and their manure at the farm.
– Great for Junior High and High School students and their parents

Contact: Andrew Greenberg