SUMMER “SCHOOL”: For the Nations

When refugee families land here, language is only one of the barriers they face. Many of these children have been out of school for years, and their parents are trying to learn how to navigate a new system in a new place. For The Nations works with the kids year-round, but uses the summer to play “catch-up” in subjects that usually provide a lot of difficulty for these students (reading and math in particular).

How do we help: PRCC is adopting 1 full week (5 days) to tutor 100 kids in a church building in East Richardson. The kids range from Kindergarten – 8th grade and For The Nations provides the curriculum needed.

Where: Town North Presbyterian Church from either 9 AM – 11 AM or 1 PM – 3 PM. We will choose either the week of July 10th or July 17th to own.

Good to know:
 – Former educators and Moms most welcome!
– Great for teens
– Inside and air conditioned!

Contact Sara Pearson or Heather Holt