Preston Road has partnered with Christian Relief Fund and countless workers on the ground to engage many of the life threatening realities people are facing on a daily basis in and around the Nyalenda Slums in Kisumu, Kenya.  Ring Road Ministries is a vibrant ministry, strategically located on the Ring Road in the heart of the slums, working in solidarity with orphans and those suffering from health issues.

This holistic ministry seeks to engage the life and needs of the community on every level: through a church, a clinic, an orphanage, and a school.  Many members of Preston Road are  involved in the lives of over 70 orphans that are living in the Ring Road community through generous monthly contributions.  This relationship is making a difference and changing our lives and theirs.

Preston Road has also been a major player in founding and sustaining the AIDS treatment clinic connected with Ringroad Ministries.  This clinic functions under the direction of Thomas Otieno, supported by Preston Road, whom many in our congregation have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing.

As the clinic has expanded in capacity to serve the Ring Road community, the needs have also expanded; the special contribution to be held on October 21 will fund much needed equipment, additional positions, salaries, and supplies for the continued work that needs to be done to provide some good news to many who need it so desperately. Our Goal is $60,000.

Please prayerfully consider participating in the upcoming Missions Sunday by making an additional contribution over and above what you are planning to give as part of our normal weekly offering. We believe it is truly an outstanding opportunity to deepen our relationship with a ministry that continues to bear fruit for Christ.

Click here for further details about the Ring Road Ministry and our involvement.  You may also contact Brad Currey, Jim Barnett, Holly Thigpen or David & Sara Pearson for more information about Ring Road Ministries.