Our Core Beliefs

  • A spirit of love and inclusiveness calls us to welcome strangers into our midst.
  • Because PRCC has been given much, it should share her resources with the poor, the hungry, the sick and the destitute.
  • Jesus came to tear down barriers related to: class, race, gender, education and residential neighborhood. The Church of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit will draw a diverse body of people unto Himself.
  • PRCC was founded from an entrepreneurial spirit, a spirit of innovation and progressiveness permeates the DNA of the church.
  • PRCC wants to be a missional church – preparing Christians to be sent into the world. This means we are training everyone to be vocational missionaries.

Our Culture

  • We are small enough to care and big enough to make a difference!
  • Planted two churches in Dallas so far, 18 churches in Africa, 7 in Thailand, and 1 in Russia.
  • Began a modest food pantry in 1988, which became Central Dallas Ministries and has now grown into an expansive community development organization known as CitySquare.
  • Established the Preston Road School of Preaching, (became the Center for Christian Education) that trained over 500 people for Christian service around the world before its doors closed in 1999.
  • Began a ministry in 1998 to rescue and restore sexually exploited women and teen girls and their children who have been victims of sex trafficking.  Now known as New Friends New Life, it served 800 last year through counseling, financial support for basic living, budget coaching, parenting classes, continued education, life-skills training and spiritual support.
  • Opened Christ’s Family Clinic in 2003 at our building to provide health care and wellness training for the working poor of our community.
  • Currently fund an HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing Center in Kisumu, Kenya and care for numerous orphans in the disease-ridden country.

Our goal as members of this family is to work together to achieve what we want most as individuals: to grow deeper in our walk with God and for our community, coworkers, friends and families to come to know the love, the grace and the joy that we have found in Jesus Christ!