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Revelation Unveiled

by SDusza32

As we kick off our new sermon series from Revelation, let’s acknowledge the obvious: Revelation is the strangest book in the Bible. It raises all kinds of questions for those who read it. This Sunday, Wade will be joined by a special guest who will help us sort through some of the most frequently asked […]

All of Us

by SDusza32

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring different answers to the question: Why was it necessary for Jesus to die? The time has come to address a more specific question: Why was Jesus crucified? What does the way Jesus was executed reveal about God? Sin? Ourselves? All of Us

End of Exile

by SDusza32

Last week, we explored the connections between Jesus’ death and the Exodus story. This week we continue our study of the meaning behind Jesus’ death by placing it in the context of what is arguably the 2nd most important event in Israel’s history. End of Exile

A Feisty Meal

by SDusza32

If we want to deepen our understanding of the meaning behind Jesus’ crucifixion, the best place to start is with what Jesus taught his disciples about his coming death. For surely he understood it better than anyone. A Feisty Meal

The (Almost) Gospel

by SDusza32

This Sunday we’ll launch a new series in which we’ll prepare to celebrate Christ’s resurrection by first meditating on the question: why did Christ have to die? Join us for “Unashamed: The Glorious Scandal of the Cross.” The (Almost) Gospel

Salt & Light

by SDusza32

Wow! Who knew the beatitudes could be so challenging? And so hard to categorize? They’re not prescriptions for salvation. (Do this and you’ll be saved.) They’re descriptions of the kind of people we can expect to become when we follow Jesus. They’re also not just interior attitudes we cultivate to enjoy a closer private relationship with […]