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Find a place to serve at Preston Road


As members of the body of Christ that meet at Preston Road, you are needed.  There are many opportunities to choose from to serve each other and to serve together.
Use the gifts God has equipped you with, and glorify God with your service to this family and beyond.


  1. Download the spiritual gifts survey (Excel file) using the button below.
  2. On the second tab (survey), evaluate your abilities and passions for each item, with 1 being low and 5 being high.
  3. Click on the third tab (results). Right-click anywhere in the blank chart, and then click “refresh data.”
  4. Save your file and send it to info@prestonroad.org.

Worship Gathering

Serve others by singing, praying, production…

Adults/Students/Children Ministries

Volunteer as class leaders, teachers, hosts…

Hospitality/Member Care

Do you have the gift of encouragement?


Behind the scenes, but no less important…